Weekend Round Up

What a busy weekend! I was up until midnight on Friday baking ready for Cake liberation Front on Sunday and continued on Saturday morning. We don't just have sweet things and one of the things I made for the meet up was the Great Smokey Mountain Cheeze from the Vegan Diner cookbook. It turned out great and I had some for lunch on a toasted sandwich. I'm looking forward to trying more things from this book.

I popped down to the Manchester Vegan Society meet up after lunch and then onto Victoria Baths where there was a digital craft event and a Zine Fair. It was lovely to meet  Kayleigh from Dearly Beloved Bakery in person and her partner Kyle. As you can see from the table behind us the vegan cakes had gone down a storm and there was very little left by the time we get there! Check out Kayleigh's blog post to see the delights that we missed. Kyle also had a stall selling his comics and Kayleigh has a lovely hand drawn recipe zine which you can buy here. You may remember Victoria Baths from the Restoration TV programme, it's a great venue for events.

Saturday night was Mexican night with a chilli nacho platter, Margaritas and tequila spiked beer. On the plate is rice, nachos, cheezy sauce, salsa, guacomole and sweet potato and black bean stew.

It was all consumed on the sofa whilst watching one of my favourite films.

Sunday was a great CLF meet-up with lots of new people and Vegusto cheese samples. Sunday tea was Mexican leftovers with yet more cocktails - Tequila Sunrises and the new favourite shown below. The Frostbite is tequila, white creme de cacao, creme de menthe and soya cream - kind of like a liquid mint aero with a bit of a kick!


  1. Thanks so much! And Kyle sends a big thankyou for posting a link to his blog too! Was so nice to meet you! X


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